Get your business online. Sell more stuff.

How you will make more sales via the Business Heroes Academy.

  • I will teach you how to find more prospects using the web.
  • I will show you how to convert more prospects into sales.
  • I will connect you with professionals who can execute your vision.

How I will find more prospects for you:

  • I will list you on BEST Suppliers, a premier search engine optimised directory that will get you to the front page of Google;
  • I will give you the tools to craft your own business brochure website wrapped around your primary product or service;
  • I will teach you how to use email marketing so that you recycle your current and previous prospects, constantly bringing them back.

How I will help you close more sales:

  • Daily motivational emails that focus on the only actions that result in income – selling & marketing;
  • Weekly online workshops detailing small business best practice in selling & marketing;
  • Extra training, if needed, specific to you and your team.
  • Access to my network of hand-picked only marketing pros, to take care of the technical stuff..

Start selling more now.


  • I will know within two weeks whether my team can help your business or not. If we can’t, I will immediately refund you.
  • There is no long-term tie-in. I expect to be paid only for delivering value.

I’m going to teach you to do for yourself what I’ve been doing for myself since 2000 – allowing me to live in South Africa, in Australia, in England, in Spain, in Norway. I’m going to make the do-it-yourself aspects of marketing really simple to understand and implement. And (because these aspects of marketing have proven to be the most difficult for small business owners) I will connect you with professionals in the online marketing business, who take care of the details for you.

I cannot do your selling for you, but I can show you how to do it so much better. And I can show you how to use digital marketing to support the core work that you do best.